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A Twist in the Tale – Springs that Take a Set

Torsional Modulus and How it Affects the Stability of Springs In a well-designed spring, torsional movement can occur 10 million times without causing any deformation to the spring. However, if there isn’t enough room to design a spring with enough steel in it, the twisting motion becomes more severe and the wire may not return to its original position. When this happens, we refer to this occurrence as “the spring took a set”.

Solid Height on a Compression Spring

When Is a Spring Said to Be at “Solid Height”? Used in a vast variety of machinery from simple mowers to advanced spacecraft, the purpose of a compression spring is to resist linear force through compression when a weight is applied to it either at the top or at the bottom of it. It is engineered to have a certain number of coils to provide the desired spring rate (see spring rate 101). And it is because of this number that the coils of the spring can only deflect so far before all of them start overlapping or touching each other. When all the coils are touching each other the spring is said to be at “solid height”.

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